(The game is currently marked as NOT mobile friendly because I need to do more with the formatting. You can run it on mobile but it's not the prettiest.)

WALL (A Verse of the Gospel Static) is an in-progress interactive novel written by Charlie C. The setting is cyberpunk grunge with a solarpunk spin, and the story is interested in the bonds between people and between communities, and how those bonds can save or ruin lives.

(Currently published: chapter 1 and partial chapter 2; last update: 10/17/21)

The Shift changed a lot of things. Much of the world people knew was lost, and what wasn’t lost was irreparably altered. But from the ashes, through little more than luck, coincidence, and dogged human ingenuity, Wall arose–a city of contradictions, of relative safety and constant risk, of unprecedented abundance and unavoidable need. This is your city. You learned the way it lives and breathes, and you made it your home.
But after an ill-planned and ill-fated attempt to rob the city’s peacekeepers, you find yourself very suddenly on the run and scrambling to find some direction and some allies. When a stranger approaches you with a job offer you can’t possibly turn down, it quickly becomes apparent that you’ve stumbled (or perhaps more accurately, been violently pushed) into something larger than you realized. Something in Wall is… sick. There are ghosts in your past holding long grudges, and your new employer is adamant that you face them. What you want seems to matter less and less.
  • Set your character’s appearance, gender and pronouns, and a physical disability that will directly influence the way they engage with the setting and plot
  • Play through a narrative- and character-focused story, with an emphasis on naturalistic choices rather than crunching numbers and managing inventory
  • Multiple paths through key objectives, culminating in a planned three possible endings
  • Pursue alliance, friendship, or romance with any of several supporting characters, or make them all your enemies if that’s your thing
  • Endure a little bit of psychological horror. As a treat. (CWs provided at the beginning of the game)

Full disclosure: while this project is still in development, it is very much a side project and I can make no promises about when updates/fixes/etc will go live. That said, I greatly appreciate your interest! If you'd like to follow development more closely, go to notesfromwall on tumblr.

(image credits: Story-Annibale Siconolfi |  Features-Benjamin Bardou | Disclaimer-Jordy Meow | Footer-François Leroy)

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Wow. How could I miss it? 
I’m a fan of lowlife-badass MCs and underworld/rough life vibes. There are not so many decent IFs about thefts, heists, cons, espionage and infiltration.
so smitten with your game. The story, atmosphere and characters are great. Truly a hidden gem. Strange there are so little comments.

Thank you so much! I've been busy but very excited to continue writing the actual "heist" arc, hopefully it won't disappoint!

Yay! Thank you.


I really enjoyed the demo so far... in the character creation bit tho, I chose the pale pinkisk skin for my character but after the character creation page, the recap says that I chose a darker skin colour when I did not.

Hm! There must be a flag missing somewhere, I'll double check on that. Thanks for catching it, and thanks so much for reading and enjoying so far!

This is amazing, I love it so far!